Yoga and Pilates with Cheryl in Townsville

My Mission:

To share yoga and pilates in a friendly, relaxed environment so these practices are accessible to all -  no matter your fitness level, body type, previous experience.  I aim to create a safe, welcoming space where you can enjoy your practice, gain knowledge, share moments, move your body, breathe, find calm, find stillness, be mindful, be present - just be yourself and accept yourself.  

My Style:

I love to go with the flow - in life and in my yoga practice.  That was the appeal of training as a Power Yoga teacher - to not only acknowledge the ancient yogic teachings but to incorporate a modern twist - flowing from one pose to the next, the sequence always changing, keeping you focused yet calm - building equal amounts of strength and ease - in body and in mind. Yoga is a practice of self realization - yoga doesn't take time it gives time - time to just BE - Be calm, Be still, Be completely comfortable in your own body, your own mind.  Power yoga empowers your body and your mind - take what you learn on the mat to your daily activities, help alleviate stress, respond with love and kindness rather than reacting when you face challenges.

Pilates was originally my first love - cultivating core strength to bring a sense of awareness to your body, using controlled movements to lengthen and tone muscles and using the breath to flow from one exercise to the next without being physically exhausting.  Using what you learn in class and incorporating into your daily activities - improving posture, reducing injury and fostering a healthy mind body connection.

Monday 5.30pm Pilates Express on the Garabarra Lawn, Jezzine Barracks (Beginners/Intermediate) 45 mins

Tuesday 6pm Power Yoga at Hot Rock Adventure Centre (Beginners/Intermediate) 60 mins

Wednesday 5.15pm Fusion Express on the Garabarra Lawn, Jezzine Barracks (Beginners/Intermediate) 45 mins 

Wednesday 6.45pm Pilates at Hot Rock Adventure Centre (Beginners/Intermediate) 60 mins

Thursday 5.30am Recovery Yoga on the Jezzine Barracks Garabarra Lawn with Bodyshop7 (all levels) 50 mins

Thursday 10.15am Warm Power Yoga (33 degrees) at The Zoo Health and Fitness Centre, Woolcock Street (all levels) 60 mins 

Thursday 6pm Power Yoga at Hot Rock Adventure Centre (Intermediate) 60 mins

NEW TIME -Friday 5.45am Sunrise Yoga on Pallarenda Beach (access 13 Robertson Park) (all levels) 45 mins

Friday 10.30am Pilates at Genesis Thuringowa, Willows (all levels) 60 mins 

Friday 5.15pm SunsetYoga on the Garabarra Lawn, Jezzine Barracks (Beginners/Intermediate) 45 mins

Saturday 8.30am Power Yoga at Hot Rock Adventure Centre (all levels) 60 mins

Offering Corporate, Private and Group Classes in Townsville and the Surrounding Areas - Please contact me for more details

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