Welcome to NQ Power Yoga and Pilates with Cheryl Lowe - I teach outdoor group classes on the Garabarra Lawn, Jezzine Barracks (use Cook Street entrance, base of the wooden coastal boardwalk map reference 15) and on Pallarenda Beach (use Robertson Park Access 13),  Hot Rock Adventure Centre, A to Z Physiotherapy and offer Private, Corporate and Sporting Team Sessions - please contact me directly for a quote nqpoweryoga@gmail.com or 0418 259 376.

Jock Walsh has joined the team and is currently teaching Wednesday 5.30pm at Jezzine and Friday 6am on the Beach - see below for a little bit about Jock's yoga journey. To contact Jock 0402 835 625.

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Outdoor Classes are weather permitting - any changes will be posted on Facebook 1 hour prior to class start time.

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Please fill in the above Questionnaire and Consent Form and bring along to your 1st Class.

About Cheryl:

Sharing Yoga and Pilates is my passion and seeing my clients gain strength in their physical bodies, become more mindful and aware and move in a functional way so they feel good in mind, body and spirit is what motivates me.  My classes are friendly, relaxed, free from judgement and suitable for all fitness and experience levels.  Yoga and Pilates is suitable for Every Body no matter your age, gender, occupation, body type.  I always encourage you to listen to your body and move in a way that feels nourishing, find a comfortable, active stretch and if a stretch or pose doesn't feel right for you - don't do it :) Every time you step onto your mat is a chance to begin again, to start where you are on any particular day, to take care of you and give the gift of time to just be yourself - to move and breathe and connect with your own body.

About Jock:

I first came to the yoga mat in 2011 to heal physical injuries sustained pursuing a range of different sports. I noticed, slowly but surely, my injuries healing and I found yoga helpful for coping with everyday stresses too. Yoga was slowly helping increase my awareness about myself and the world. I became aware that physical injuries and other ailments can be the result of mental and spiritual imbalances.

I keep coming back to the mat to maintain my body, mind and soul in balance. Yoga gives me the perspective and strength to face life's challenges and if my practice drops so does my resilience. I wish I could say yoga makes me (or can make you) happy all the time, but this is unrealistic. What it does do for me is help provide some inner peace, perspective and strength when times are tumultuous.

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training at Adore Yoga in Sydney 2016. Adore Yoga’s ethos is about tailoring the practice to the needs of the student. I have over 300 hours experience of teaching Yoga and had the privilege of running a studio in 2017. I really enjoy bringing in different elements of many types of Yoga, particularly Yin, Hatha and Ashtanga. I do not claim to be an expert or have all the knowledge in these or any other types of Yoga.  What I do know for certain is the best type of Yoga for you is the one that you actually do and the one that is sustainable for your body! I look forward to seeing you on the mat in the near future!

If you have any questions or a current injury and you need some guidance please connect with myself or Jock via 0418 259 376 or nqpoweryoga@gmail.com 

What to bring to class?  Mat, Towel, Water, Sun Protection (for outdoor classes) and wear comfy clothes,  no shoes required.

What type of yoga? I teach Power Vinyasa Yoga - a modern westernised flowing style of practise combining breath with movement and mindfulness born from the more traditional Ashtanga Lineage.  Power Yoga is an exercise in self awareness, self care and self empowerment as you move your body and connect with your breath in a mindful, nourishing and energising way.

What type of Pilates? I teach mat Pilates incorporating the classic exercises and also some modern physiotherapy based exercises to strengthen and activate the abs, spine, hips, pelvis, buttocks, thighs and shoulders.  Small equipment is sometimes used also: resistance bands, magic circles and fit balls.  The Pilates focus is mindful movement with concentration, control and precise activation and contraction and resistance training of all your muscles.

Why Outdoors? We have the most amazing weather here in Townsville that allows us to practise outdoors all year round!  Spending time in nature can help to replenish your depleted energy reserves and help you reset for the day ahead.  Natural scenery can heighten your awareness and incorporate being more mindful during your practise - taking time to notice the sounds, smells and what you can see all around you, helping you to stay present and in the moment!  Experiencing the beauty of a sunrise and sunset while you move your body, breathe in the fresh ocean air and connect with yourself and nature can further boost the already amazing benefits of yoga, pilates and meditation.

How do I pay for class?  Payment by cash, paypal or direct deposit is available (contact 24 hours prior to class for details)

10 Class Pass $90 (valid 6 months)

Casual Classes are $10pp - everyone receives a loyalty card and every 10th class is FREE 

I look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!


Cheryl Lowe  and Jock Walsh